About Us

Billiardnet.tv has been live streaming billiards for years all over the country.

The all new Billiardnet.tv is a user friendly live streaming solution built upon a versatile custom platform. Billiardnet.tv offers arguably 100% compatibility on mobile devices from Iphones, Ipads, and Android devices from the same page Billiardnet.tv produces a multiple bitrate solution that the viewer may choose between a low optimized 360 experience and a high HD quality picture as bandwidth allows. Billiardnet.tv was engineered for TV – Use your laptop or desktop connected via HDMI to your widescreen TV with a premium membership for the true Billiardnet.tv viewing experience.

The platform is also available for other streamers to use free of charge with profit sharing provided the rules and business model is followed. That being the content is recorded to disk and protected and put into the video subscription archive exclusively. No YouTube uploads or any other giveaways are permitted. Clips and teasers are allowed to be distributed but no full matches. This business model not only protects the contents everlasting value but creates a revenue stream to pay the costs of technical operations and travelling production expenses. It is also realistic to be able to put some of that revenue back into the billiards community by profit sharing with users, adding money to tournaments and to even pay players for special appearances and members only challenge productions.

Advertising rates and extensive promotional kit available. email to inquire about promoting and producing your events on Billiardnet.tv – Call TvMike for personal response, keep in mind I am busy producing – 313 350 5525